OPUS: Canada’s #1 Destination for Arts Education

With over 3,000 registrants across the GTA, OPUS is the most acclaimed arts education community in the country.

Who Is Upper Canada Chorus?

With choral programs, private and group lessons, and integrated arts programming for all ages offered across the GTA every night of the week, and on Saturdays too, OPUS is now the largest organization of its kind in Canada. Each year thousands of students experience the impact of arts education through OPUS programs; we have set a global benchmark for arts education among youth. Our programs are designed to cultivate the unique potential of every individual, unlocking life skills – like confidence, discipline and leadership – that carry far beyond the musical realm, affecting every aspect of academic and social development.

From our flagship choral program – The Upper Canada Chorus – to regional event-based choral experiences, to private and group lessons and more, we offer unparalleled arts experiences for every stage of growth.


First Chirp (JK & SK)

Come experience First Chirp, our own internationally acclaimed arts education program specifically designed for JK & SK students and their parents.

A Dynamic Adventure in Music

“First Chirp” is a dynamic exploration of music and the arts for JK & SK children (ages 3-5) and an accompanying parent (or arranged substitute). Join us this spring for some extraordinary 8-session courses that will explore dynamics and tempo, and unlock a passion for singing. This is a Living Arts program designed to enhance freedom of expression and confidence… all while having loads of fun!

First Chirp
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Upper Canada Chorus (Gr. 3-12)

Come sing with The Upper Canada Chorus – Canada’s leading choral music experience.

About our flagship choral program

If you love to sing, we have 3 core campuses – Thornhill, Richmond Hill & Unionville – where hundreds of students just like you meet each week to prepare for an extraordinary seasonal concert lineup. If the full commitment of a weekly rehearsal is not for you, join us for one more  Concert Experiences throughout the season. Applicants entering the Upper Canada Chorus are required to Meet With Us! prior to registration. You may participate in Concert Experiences without an audition and with no previous musical training.

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Living Arts (JK & SK, Gr. 1-3)

Sing, Dance & Create with us. An integrated arts experience to prepare for choir… and life!

Shaped by experience!

Amazing things happen when students choose a path of exploration and discovery. First Chirp is a dynamic exploration of music for students in JK & SK, offered in themed sessions designed to unlock a passion for the arts at an early age. Living Arts is an Upper Canada Chorus preparatory program involving many forms of artistic expression, with a particular focus on speech arts and song. There is no audition required for the First Chirp or Living Arts programs.

Living Arts (Grades 1-3)
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What We Do, And How…

We believe in the extraordinary capacity of each individual to adapt and learn, and to approach the world with an almost magical sense of wonder and discovery. It is this innate human spirit that launches young people on a quest to acquire language, to fascinate over the simple movements of nature, and to explore the natural sounds and rhythms all around us.

At OPUS, we use the most compelling attributes of live arts to create inspiration for young people and their audiences. We do it by focusing on 3 core educative principals. They are:

  • The Atmosphere of Environment

    A positive, nurturing environment certainly includes the aesthetic surroundings, but also refers to the strong sense of community we believe is necessary for young artists to grow.

  • The Discipline of Habit

    Blending both knowledge and action perfectly, experience in the arts prepares students for success in life. We encourage and cultivate the habitual behaviours of confidence and leadership.

  • The presentation of LIVING IDEAS

    We believe arts education should be presented in such a way that it causes students to engage with the world and people around them. Education in the arts prepares students for a life of leadership.

“What a truly amazing organization with a unique capability to motivate young artists with the power of music.”
Colm Wilkinson, Les Miserables - the original Jean Valjean
“It is a joy and a blessing to work with such a group of amazing young people. This organization has it all together.”
Jodi Benson, Disney's original Ariel
“Without a doubt, this is one of the greatest gems we have in the Canadian artistic community.”
Adam Brazier, Artistic Director of The Charlottetown Festival
“Extraordinary! Every child should have this experience.”
John McDermott, The Irish Tenors
“The staff and faculty at Opus Alive have a remarkable capacity to impact young artists.”
Orla Fallon, Celtic Woman
“Having the opportunity to hear the impeccable blend and tone of these children brought the magic of this music to even greater heights.”
Susan Egan, Disney's original Belle

OPUS: Canada’s #1 Destination for Arts Education

With over 3,000 registrants across the GTA, OPUS is the most acclaimed arts education community in the country.

You are a living work of art!

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